Our Services


We take the time to get to know each customer and listen to your loved ones life story. In each personalized memorial we want to capture the essence of the individual or family. Each one of us is unique in our own way and that memory should be preserved.

Here at Leominster Monument we understand that choosing a memorial for your loved one should be done with great care. We are here to guide you step by step to make sure we design the perfect memorial.

Cemetary Lettering & On-Site Sandblasting

You may need a name or date added onto a stone that is in the cemetery. We will go out and take a rubbing of the lettering already placed onto the stone to get an exact match of the existing lettering.

Also you may have a large stoner boulder that is too large to move that you would like your family name or address added to we can come on site to add it for you.

We also do most of our own in house sandblasting which gives us an advantage over other monument companies because we can provide a faster turnaround time.

Granite Signs & Posts

When it comes to selecting a sign, professionals and organizations all have the same concerns. Will it show the correct image for the business or establishment? Will it look as good in five, ten twenty years? What will it cost? Not just for the purchase, but for upkeep and ongoing maintenance, too.

A granite sign offers the lasting beauty, durability and value of granite. It has a unique beauty that's always fashionable and never outdated. Granite is unequaled for longevity, withstanding extremes in any weather or environment.

Granite can make a grand entrance for office complexes, schools, buildings, bank and many other developments.